Investiga Risk Website

A modern, and slightly-too-bright design and copy for a Risk Management and Compliance small business based in Singapore. A unique take on the boring, classic corporate website trope.

Client: Investiga Risk Solution (M) Sdn Bhd Date: April 2021 Services: Website Design

Launch Project

Professional, but fun. Not too fun, though. A modern and creative look. Or something in between. Get the picture?

This was what the client told me halfway through one of many onboarding sessions. At first, I was confused. And although I saw the client’s request as an interesting one, I tried my best to comply.

I enjoyed making a corporate site look fun. I decided to use bright colors throughout the website to play off of one another. Additionally, I used some interactive elements on the homepage and call-to-action boxes. Nothing too heavy, though. Let’s not get too crazy! I also opted for some illustrations instead of all stock photos. I think the illustrations gave the site some personality and really helped bring out some colour. Of course, good web design is more than just a “fun” theme. It needed to be functional and relevant to the visitor. I tried to keep a balance of both here with a strictly professional copy (considering the type of reader).

The client later rearranged some elements and pages after the project, ala DIY.